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Fiber Class!

Evening Class begins Tuesday, January 16, from 7 PM - 9 PM

Daytime Class begins Thursday, January 18 from 2 PM - 4 PM

We will be stitching a fun piece with different threads to have a cute Santa finished in time for Christmas 2018. Perfect for yourself or as a gift.  Join the class, do your homework, and you will have the perfect new decoration!  Call the shop to reserve your space.


Sampler Club

Begins Thursday, January 11, from 7 PM - 9 PM

Join us to learn many of the different stitches possible in our craft. Call today so we can have a kit ready for YOU!!



Begins Tuesday, January 9, from 7 PM - 9 PM

The 6 month class has lots of white thread and algerian eyelets. Learn Kloster blocks, button hole stitch, and the correct way to cut your fabric. This is a class you certainly don't want to miss!!


So you think you know all there is about needlework?

The more you know, the more you realize how much you can learn. We offer a wide variety of classes from a basic "x" to Hardanger, from silk ribbon to framing and finishing. For most classes, we provide all of your supplies right down to the needle. Pam, the shop owner, is the wonderful teacher of the classes we offer. We can also provide private classes, if you prefer. Call to make an appointment. Here is a sampling of available courses.

Basic "X"
Get confidence in your stitching. This class is for beginning stitchers as well as those who need to brush up on their basic skills. It is a thorough overview that covers everything you need to know from starting your project to completing it. We will be stitching on 14 Ct. Aida fabric, which is 100% cotton. Each student will practice cross stitches, backstitches and some specialty stitches. Supplies and a special gift will be furnished.

Are you apprehensive about stitching on linen? Is it hard for you to see the threads? Here is your chance to build confidence and discover how easy stitching on fine fabrics can be. We will be discussing the proper names for various counts of fabrics. Learn how to use a "Floss Friend." Projects stitched on linen will last a lifetime - even beyond our lifetimes. Join us for fun learning. Bring paper and pencil to record answers to all your questions.

Basic Hardanger
Here is your chance to learn this Norwegian embroidery from the ground up. The Dove's Eye is very much a part of what we know today as Hardanger embroidery. But this same stitch can be found in old Spanish and English samplers and was used long before it flowered in the nineteenth century in Hardanger, Norway. Learn how to make Kloster Blocks and do proper cutting techniques. Also learn why Woven Bars have two advantages that Wrapped Bars do not. At the completion of the two-part class, you will have a solid foundation of this art. A kit will be furnished.

Cords and Tassels
Want to learn how to make tassels for the ends of pillows? What about on the ends of your drapes or on your ceiling fan? Remember, we must be adaptable. Cording and tassels can be used for embellishments. It can also be used on scissor fobs and on hanging ornaments. It is much easier to match your cording with your piece when you make the cording yourself. As a plus, we will even show you how to make candy cording. Please do not hesitate to call, e-mail or drop by with any stitching questions you may have. Classes will offer a variety of lessons, but don't worry if your inquiries do not fit into a class category. We have qualified people on hand to help you with any stitching questions that arise.