ur updated website is up and running, however we may still have some dust in the corners.  If you have any problems, you can always call the shop at (281- 320-0133) or email at 3Stitches@3Stitches.com!


"New merchandise is arriving on a daily basis.  We are uncracking boxes as soon as possible.  Come in and see all the new stuff.  If you are unable to come in, email us or visit our website for new items.  The classes are at the half way point.  Everyone is really doing an excellent job and having lots of fun.  The Hardanger Class, Sampler Class, and Fiber Club class have all started; however, it is not too late to sign up.  Come by the shop and see the models.  You can't attend class?  Well, call and we will send you the class kit and instructions each month to follow along with the class.  In the  Sampler Class we have made a hornbook, red velvet heart needle case, a pin keep, and another case for all your stitching needs.  In July we will start the large bag that will hold all the pieces with all the different stitches.  Can't wait to get started.    


Saturday, June 24 is our Flowers and Friends stand up easel finishing class.  We will be teaching you how to make a stand up easel.  Call the shop to get details and sign up.


Saturday, June 24 is also our Late Night Stitching event.  We close the shop at 5:00 PM as usual and then start our Late Night Stitching event at 7:00 PM until ??? Late.  Sign up now so you won't miss out..  


Scissors Sharpened! Want all your scissors SHARP? Bring them in, leave them, and we will call you when they are ready. Next scissor sharpening is  May 31, 2017 but you do not have to be here just your scissors. You are missing a great opportunity to have sharp scissors! Remember nothing last forever.


Don't forget to read the April, May, and June, 2017 Newsletter by clicking here or going to our Home Page. Be sure to like us on Facebook!  The April, May, and June newsletter will be out soon.



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